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by - March 05, 2017


New path to innovation: Watson Build for Business Partners – CognitiveBusiness – Medium

Your chance to get an early start on cognitive app development

By Nancy Pearson, VP Marketing, IBM Cognitive

In an era where becoming a digital business can bring valuable differentiation, the degree to which you can innovate becomes increasingly important. A culture of innovation is a hallmark of business success.

How do you create this culture? That is not an easy question to answer, regardless of whether you are a startup or large global organization like IBM.

For us, we started on a path in 2016 by holding our first Cognitive Build internally. You can think of this as a hackathon on steroids. Over 8,000 teams went on an 88-day journey to build solutions harnessing the power of Watson APIs. We had top-down support from our CEO Ginni Rometty, a Kickstarter-like platform to handle feedback and groundswell of interest from across the globe (an unprecedented 75% of the IBM workforce engaged with the Build).

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