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by - March 19, 2017


To live in Uganda is to define what it truly means to hustle. To survive means to constantly be looking for your next opportunity and juggling a handful of income generating activities at a time.

Teacher, facilitator, entrepreneur, agriculturalist - Daniel does it all. Walking down to his coffee and chili seedling nursery late this afternoon, he told me about the plots of land he’s invested in, the trees he has bought for future building, plans for his own chili growing and their market demand, the sprouting coffee nursery as a pilot program he plans so scale, how he is up at 6am every day to check on his printing business and then his welding shop across the road - all before he heads to teach all day at the secondary school.

But to thrive in Uganda means something entirely different - to take the time to greet every adult and child he knows by name. To take me to meet his mom before heading down to see the nursery beds. To laugh, tell stories, and talk about upcoming weddings as we bike back to the health center together as the day grows late. To have a whole community around him - his clan, his tribe - and have the time for the people within it.

In Uganda, the hustle is real. But the people are even more so.

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